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We understand that bringing a new cat litter product to market can be a complex process. That's why we've created a truly one-stop solution that begins with development, design and continues all the way through to delivery. Our customers love the time and money they save. And, the versatility of our quality service is only matched by the versatility of our product! We give each of our customers a unique product that is perfectly suited to their market requirements.

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Market Research


We realize that you'll want to know all the facts about the market before you start, so our one-stop solution begins with collecting market data and:

  • Researching your specific market.
  • Analyzing your competitors.
  • Providing on-going recommendations for your product.

Sales Training


Your sales force is an important resource, and we'll give you the full benefit of our 20 years worth of experience. We help:

  • Train your sales force.
  • Provide product literature.
  • Organize training to help educate your customers.

Package Design


The design of your package must set you apart from your competitors. We offer an in-house design specialist who will:

  • Professionally design a unique private label package tailored to your market (s).
  • Create text in multiple languages.
  • Give you a customized a trademark, layout and color theme.

Quality Manufacturing and Versatility


VersaPet's modern manufacturing facility is strategically located in Toronto, Canada. Our cat litter is:

  • Premium graded: 100% pure sodium bentonite.
  • Strong hard clump: Our cat litter contains no rocks or fillers, making for a strong clump with no breakage and easy clean-up.
  • 350% to 380% absorbent: 4 times higher than traditional litter.
  • 99% dust free: Our natural, four-step process screens your cat litter so that it's 99% dust free. No chemical or binding agents are used!

The versatility of our manufacturing process means we can produce your cat litter brand in:

  • Any package format: choose from jugs, bags, boxes, pails, or even in bulk, depending on your market segment and preference.
  • Multiple cat litter grain sizes: Large, medium and small grain are available.
  • Any package size: Ranging from 4kg up to 22.7kg.
  • Any scent: baby powder, lavender, green apple, or your favourite scent!
  • Any additive: silica, zeolite, baking soda.

Quality Control

Our modern, fully equipped testing facility guarantees that your cat litter is of the finest quality. Our in-house engineering staff pursues an on-going research and development program that ensures the very best cat litter blends, odor control features, additives and other important product elements. VersaPet:
  • Tests for the consistent application of additives to clay.
  • Carefully maintains all manufacturing equipment to ensure the consistent quality of the finished product.
  • Performs screening analyses on EVERY batch of the finished product to guarantee that it precisely meets the customer's needs and specifications.
  • Checks EVERY batch with a clumping strength test.

Shipping and Delivery


With our national manufacturing facility located in Toronto, Canada, and with warehousing and transport partners throughout North America and the world we can guarantee our customers a constant supply of product.

  • Our facility is equipped with rail-car unloading and container loading capabilities which is serviced by major railway companies, ensuring a continuous supply of cat litter to our customers.
  • We also offer sufficient rotating inventory as part of our customer service commitment. This allows us to ensure on-time delivery to our customers without needing to rely on rail for shunts or moves.
  • We compare rail car reports to our own supplier's reports to maintain and ensure transportation efficiency.

We offer the best service, design and development in the cat litter market today. VersaPet is proud to produce high quality cat litter that caters perfectly to your specific market. VersaPet: your one stop solution for all your private label cat litter needs. Call or contact us today to get started!



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