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Versapet is proud to offer its own two brands of cat litter in selected stores and markets:


PRACTICAT SCOOPABLE CAT LITTER is made from 100% pure sodium bentonite clay. It is blended with a fresh baby powder scent that locks in odors and moisture on contact for easy disposal and aroma control. Since 99% of dust has been removed by a special non-chemical process, Practicat is ideal for pet owners with allergies. Other major features include:

  • All Natural Clumping Process
  • Instant Odour Control
  • Minimal Tracking
  • 99% Dust Free
  • Freshly Scented
  • MultiCat Formula
  • Enriched Formula with a 350% absorption rating.

Available in the following sizes and packages:

  • 14 kg bag.
  • 7 kg jug.
  • 12.7 kg pail.
  • 15 kg box.


green kitty

GREENKITTY SCOOPABLE CAT LITTER is an economically formulated cat litter that can be found in select discounted retail chains. Greenkitty is made from all natural pure sodium bentonite clay that forms an extra hard clump for easy clean up. Greenkitty packaging accounts for 70% less post-consumer waste when compared to other package types, such as jugs.

Available in the following sizes and packages:

  • 7 kg bag / 15.4 lb. bag.

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